Our reason for pursuing this is to tap into a niche market, secondary school leavers and offer accelerated day time ABE classes. This strategy would enable us to attract a different set of facilitators i.e. retired business practitioners and retired members of the Business Division of Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (our lone state owned tertiary level institution).

In the same manner that we successfully instituted and got the Saint Lucian market to embrace and accept weekend classes, the NRDF is eager to use the ABE class offerings to secondary school leavers as the catalyst to introducing this method for academic programmes as well, as has  been  successfully  done  in  Trinidad.  A  view  of the  Foundation’s  Vision  and  Mission statements  will  show  how  this  strategy  will  tie  in  well  with  the  training  aspects  of our operations.


Vision Statement

The OECSs premier Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) financier, Business Development, Research and Professional Training Institute.

The NRDF’s  Vision looks  beyond the physical boundaries of  Saint Lucia and embraces the single economic space created through the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Single Market,  which  is  expected to  deepen the  economic  (and  in particular;  the  business relationships) linkages between the OECS member states. NRDF trainees should and would be able to transfer their skills within the OECS and indeed with the wider Caribbean Community (CARICOM)  region.  Similarly  where the opportunities are presented business clients can be drawn  Within  the  wider  OECS market to harness  greater economies  of scale  and improve financial profitability and sustainability.


Mission Statement

To consistently provide stakeholders  with competitive financing,  market intelligence relevant training and quality services in an accommodating  business environment while maintaining efficiency and visibility.

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