Intermediate Level Computer Course


This course will expose participants to building upon the knowledge acquired from the introductory level computer course. Participants will learn new skills which will assist them to be better suited and more marketable for the work force.

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This course will serve to prepare participants with the requisite knowledge and skills in information technology. With the high demand in this area coupled with the current need of an evolving market with its associated requirements, executives expects their employees to be IT savvy in other to work more effectively, timely and efficiently in this age of information in an effort to increase productivity so as to generate more revenue for the continuation of any organization in these challenging economic time.

Course Content:

Introduction (Emerging skills, Skills Assessment & Exercises), The Internet, Typing, Word Processing, Spread Sheet (MS EXCEL), Presentation (POWER POINT), Database (MS ACCESS)

Method of Assessment:

Class exercise, quizzes and a final exam.

Theory Aspect


1. Define the term ‘ergonomics’.

2. Explain the three major components to ergonomics.

3. Discuss various hazards found in an office environment.

Computers and health

1. State the various illnesses or discomfort the users can experience when using the computer incorrectly.

2. State the various symptoms of these illnesses.

3. Discuss the various methods and strategies that can be used to reduce the symptoms associated with these illnesses.

Typing Skills

1. Keyboard: Home keys, function keys, control keys

2. Correct posture at the computers.

3. Practice drills – Type passages within time limits.

4. Navigating documents – Short cut keys to perform various functions

Word Processing

Review word processing functions: set margins, page orientation, bold, center, underline, line spacing, justifications, capitalization, change font style and size, page numbers, header, footer, find and replace, grammar check etc.

1. Insert tables, merge cells, split cells and split tables

2. Create an organization chart and flow chart; insert shapes and callouts with texts; group shapes and images to manipulate chart.

3. Create documents with two and three columns; insert graphics/images.

4. Type business letters and memoranda.


1. Create a spreadsheet based on data, instructions or situations.

2. Inserting new worksheets and renaming worksheets.

3. Inserting/deleting cells, columns and rows.

4. Formatting the worksheet: numeric, text, alignment and borders.

5. Simple calculations: sum, average, maximum, minimum.

6. Other functions including count, if

7. Sorting data in the table.

8. Creating graphs: column, bar, pie


1. Create new presentation using template

2. Add new slides to the presentation, add text to the slides

3. Add images, tables, organizational charts to the slides

4. Navigate the presentation using the scroll bar, slide sorters, tabs (ribbons) and key commands.

5. Apply animations and transition techniques to the presentation.

6. Add audio, video, sound to the presentation.

Database Management

1. Create a database with one or two tables.

2. Establish the primary key; showing relationships between tables.

3. Create simple and multi-table queries using the tables.

Student Portfolio – Final Assessment

Students will create a portfolio with the following pieces during the course.

* Table with merged cells from a newspaper article, magazine or online.

* Article with columns from a newspaper, magazine or online

* Brochures or leaflet with two or three columns.

* Reproduce an Organization chart of a business.

* Reproduce a flow chart showing a process

* Prepare a short comic strip inserting images, shapes and callouts with text.

* Prepare a business letter

* Prepare a memorandum

* Conduct a short survey, present information in a table and graph using spreadsheet software.

* Present results of the survey in a PowerPoint presentation.

* Reproduce the table from the survey using database; extract 5 queries from the table.

Additional information


36 hours


Mrs. Albertha Gillard


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