Introduction to Computers


This course seeks to help participants get over their fears of using computers. Participants will be introduced to one of the most commonly used software application’s and its relevance in simplifying several work processes. This course will also introduce participants to the use of the internet and the various search engines for simplification of research.



Target Group:

School Leavers

Self-employed individuals

Persons employed in the Private & Public Sector Organizations

Persons who own a computer

Course Content:

Section 1 – Basic concepts of IT

* History of computing

* Computer hardware, software & data

* Uses of computer

* The negative impact of computer

Section 2 – Using a Computer

* Starting up, clicking around & shutting down

* Exploring your computer

* Working with folders & files

* Exploring windows

Section 3 – Word Processing

* Your first letter in word

* Formatting, positioning & copying text

* Long documents, little details

* Tables, tabs & graphics

* Templates

* Advance features- files formats and importing spreadsheet data

Section 4 – Spreadsheets

* Your first steps in excel

* Arithmetic with excel

* Functions, formatting & printing

* Inserting, sorting & moving cells

* More about numbers, text & calculations

* Charting with excel

* Advance features- file formats & data importing

Section 5 – Databases

* What is a database?

* Building your access database (working with tables)

* Modifying your access database

* Making the database work for you

* Working with queries, forms & reports

Section 6 – Presentations

* Presentation basics

* Creating your first slides

* Adding graphics & pictures

* Projecting a consistent image

* Building a presentation

* Wowing the audience

Section 7 – Information & Communication

* Exploring the web, finding information within websites

* Finding information on the web

* Taking control of Internet Explorer

* E-mail with Outlook Express/ MS

* More about outgoing mail

Method of assessment:

Class Exercises & Final Exams at the end of the course. Successful participants will be issued a certificate of accomplishment and unsuccessful participants will be issued a certificate of attendance.

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36 hours

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