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The training will equip custom brokers with the necessary skills to make proper declarations to the customs department, thus minimizing in further delays in clearance

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This course shall cover the complete clearance path, and how procedures are carried out. It will include all aspects related to regulations and a thorough walk through each customs operational procedures using ASYCUDA++ functionalities. The system is an effective management tool which provides useful reports to allow for better decision making.

Course Content:

Module 1:

Introduction to Menus and Functions, Types of Models of Declaration and Creation of a Declaration.

Module 2:

Procedure Codes, Agreements, Preferences, Tax Relief Codes.

Module 3:

Goods Description and Transportation, EDI, Retrievals and View of Manifest, Valuation Note.

Module 4:

Use of Prepayments and Credit Accounts, Suspense Procedures, Attached Documents, Information Page, Retrieval of Declarations.

Module 5:

Post Entry & Cancellations, Examination of Results, Transit documents, Case Studies.


Participants are expected to participate in class discussions and are required to sit an exam (which will be marked) for a final grade.



Additional information


20 hours


Samuel Eudoxie
Customs Supervisor/ Asycuda Specialist
Customs & Excise Department


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