Excellence in Customer Service


This course will ensure that the participants develop and maintain top-class service standards to please and retain customers.

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Participants will recognize the paramount importance of delivering excellent customer service. Only consistent delivery of excellent customer service satisfies loyal customers and ensures a steady stream of business. Good is not good enough, only excellence takes you forward.

Methodology / Assessment:

Video/Power point Presentation, Role Play Exercises, Group work, Participants interaction as it relates to real life experience at work with different types of customers, class exercise and a final exam.

Target Group:

Receptionists / Customers Service Reps / Social Activities Reps/ Corporate entities.

Course Outline

Objectives: provide exceptional customer service that achieves results and get noticed, Recognize barriers that impede effective customer service, Adopt the skills and techniques that routinely deliver’s positive customer experiences, Maximize the value of your customer interactions, Deal effectively with difficult customers and turn complaints into opportunities, Contribute to Customer-centric culture and achieve greater personal growth and customer satisfaction, Demonstrate a positive, confident and professional approach with internal and external customers.

Week 1 & 2 (Module one)

What is Customer Service?

* Who are your customers

* Defining Internal & External Customers

* Developing a Customer-Centric Mindset

* When and Where does Customer Service takes place

* Sharing unpleasant and Satisfying experiences

* Excitement is Contagious

Week 1 & 2 (Module two)

Developing Effective Communications Skills

* Presenting a professional image/creating a positive first impression

* Non Verbal communication

* Body Language

* What makes a customer upset

* Making it easy for customers to complain

* Avoiding Upsets (what can you do and how can you calm a difficult customer)

* Accurately identifying problems

* What to do when you are upset (Stress Management)

Week 3 & 4 (Module three)

Telephone Etiquette

* Mastering the telephone

* Answering the telephone

* A professional greeting

* Active Listening

* Putting callers on hold

* Transferring a call

* Taking a message

* Voice Mail

* Closing a call

* EVAULATION of Training

Week 3 & 4 (Module four)

Handling Customer Complaints

* Degrees of dissatisfaction

* Steps in handling conflict

* The importance of customer retention

* Building trust

Week 5 (Module five)

Who are the Customers/Guests?

* Elements of excellent customer service

* Ten commandments of excellent customer service

* Perception – How the customer see me

* Moment of truth – how do I fit

Week 6 (Module six)

* Implementing Total Quality Management

* Moral Aspects of Excellent Customer Service

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6 weeks @ 2 days weekl


Heidi Phillip-Daniel


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