Are you business minded? Do you want to acquire a new skill that can bring you economical and financial benefits for you and your family in the future?

Here’s your chance, enrol into the NRDF Hairdressing Course and be a cut above the rest.

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This course is targeted at persons who are planning to pursue Cosmetology as a career. There is a high demand for qualify training in this area of specialization also, in the these difficult economic times you can SAVE MONEY doing it yourself.

Learn and acquire the Knowledge and Skills of:

# Shampoo & Conditioning

# Hair Treatment

# Rod Placement

# Roller Placement

# Chemistry

# Relaxer Application

# Permanent weaving

# Colour / Styling

# Cutting /Blow Draying

# Thermal Styling

# Weaving

Upon successful completion, participants will obtain a certificate in Hairdressing.

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28 hours


Sonia Edwards


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