Manicure & Pedicure


Introductory Manicure & Pedicure course

Course Outline

Upon completion of this course participants should learn the following:

1. Nails and its disorders.

2. Identifying the natural nail shape

3. Preparation of manicure table

4. Demonstrate the proper procedure of sanitary & safety for a manicure

5. Plain & different types of manicure

6. Demonstrate massaging techniques used when giving a manicure

7. List the abilities of a good manicurist

8. Procedures of Pedicures

9. Foot & Leg Massage

10. Demonstrate the proper use of implements, cosmetics and materials in manicuring & pedicuring

11. Advance Nails techniques

12. Nail Arts

Additional information


9 weeks


Luann S. Wilson


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